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Title Active Places Cymru
Alternate Title Database of sports facilities in Wales
Originator The Sports Council for Wales
Abstract Active Places Cymru is a single database that holds information on sports facilities throughout Wales. It covers information for the following sports facility types: athletics tracks, bowling greens, fitness facilities, golf courses, golf driving ranges, ice rinks, indoor athletics, indoor bowls, indoor tennis, ski slopes, sports halls, squash courts, studios, swimming pools, synthetic turf pitches, tennis courts. It includes local authority leisure facilities, school sports facilities, commercial and club sites.
Lineage Data was originally created from datasets held by the Sports Council for Wales and The Leisure Database Company. The Sports Council for Wales commissioned checking of the data and collection of additional information.
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Start Date 1 October 2007
End Date Ongoing
Frequency Update Annually
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Additional Information Source activeplacescymru@scw.org.uk
Supplier Sports Council for Wales
Sophia Gardens
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Date of Update of Metadata 1 February 2008
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Dataset Language English and Welsh
Athletics Track Permanently constructed all weather 400m outdoor running track with a minimum number of 4 lanes. Does not include tracks that are seasonally marked out on grass or short (200m) training tracks that are marked out on Synthetic Turf pitches.
Cinder Tracks made from unbound material, such as cinder. This category includes Redgra (natural aggregate dressing), shale and 'real cinder' tracks.
Permanent Grass  Tracks that are permanently marked out on grass. Does not include running tracks which are seasonally marked out during the summer; this tends to be the case which many school tracks.
Synthetic Tracks made from acrylic man made material. Surfaces give greater cushioning for runner and are the most modern form of track. Synthetic tracks are gradually replacing cinder and grass tracks. This surface is also called 'Tartan'.
Bowling Green A permanent area of grass or artificial grass set up for the playing of bowls. The playing surface is typically surrounded by a ditch.
Crown Green A bowling green with a camber with a maximum height of 254 mm in the centre of the green.
Flat Green A flat bowling green square usually 37-40m.
Golf All golf courses with a minimum number of 9 holes, and driving ranges
Driving Range Includes covered and uncovered driving bays. Range must have a minimum of 10 driving bays. Ranges based on hire of balls by the bucket, and user does not retrieve balls. Does not include practise areas within golf courses.
Par 3 Shorter length of holes than the standard course, where no hole is over Par 3.
Standard A standard par course, with a minimum of 9 holes.
Health and Fitness Normally a minimum of 20 stations, although some small health & fitness suites may be included.
Ice Rink All permanent ice rinks. Does not include temporary ice rinks
Indoor Athletics Permanently constructed indoor running track; minimum of 50m plus run off.
Indoor Bowls Permanent indoor facility which contains a carpeted bowls green area. Can be a purpose built bowls centre or dedicated bowls area within a sports facility. The bowls green area must be specifically constructed for bowls use. Does not include short mat bowls areas which are temporarily laid out in multi purpose halls.
Indoor Tennis Covered or indoor tennis courts, includes stand alone indoor tennis structures, purpose built tennis centres and indoor courts connected to other sports facilities, such as sports clubs. Only includes dedicated indoor tennis courts, and not multi use halls.
Airhall Unframed fabric structure which requires inflating to form its shape. Commonly referred to as 'Bubbles'. Can be over existing outdoor courts.
Airhall (seasonal) As above, but only inflated part of the year.
Framed Fabric Steel frame covered with fabric. Permanent structure which does not require 'inflating'.
Traditional Permanent structure which is not fabric. Traditional steel/timber framed and block structure.
Ski Slope A slope for skiing; natural slopes may be seasonal. Does not include cross-country skiing tracks.
Indoor Indoor ski slope; snowdome
Outdoor Artificial Permanent outdoor artificial slope
Outdoor Natural Seasonal outdoor ski slope; must be equipped with a tow.
Sports Hall Indoor multi-sports hall where a range of sport and recreational activities are carried out. One hall per site must normally be capable of accommodating at least two badminton courts including surrounding safety area. Includes specifically designed sports halls, such as leisure centres and school sports halls, and also additional halls where activities can take place, such as school assembly halls, community buildings and village halls. Specialist centres, e.g. dance centres, are not included.
Activity Hall This is a multi-sports hall where activities take place that does not qualify as a main hall and is not a purpose built studio. On a site where there is another sports hall, either it is not marked for sports or it is not large enough to qualify as a main hall. On a site where there is no other sports hall, it is not marked for sports but must be at least 2 badminton court size.
Main Main multi-sports hall(s) within site. Must normally be capable of accommodating two badminton courts, including surrounding safety area, and it must be marked for sports.
Squash Court Purpose built court(s) designed for playing squash.
Glass-Backed The court has a glass or transparent back wall.
Studio A purpose built studio where classes are held for a range of activities such as aerobics, yoga, spinning, martial arts etc. Normally it has a sprung floor and/or mirrors. It must be at a site that also has another Active Places facility.
Swimming Pool Enclosed area of water, specifically maintained for all forms of water based sport & recreation. Includes general swimming, teaching, training, diving, club use and school use. Includes indoor and outdoor pools, freeform leisure pools, specific diving tanks. Where an area of a pool is normally cordoned off as a purpose-built off-shoot of the main rectangular tank, e.g. diving section off a main pool, it is treated as a separate pool.
Diving Indoor only. Pool specifically designed for diving. Pools are usually square and deeper than main pools.
Learner-Training Indoor only. Either less than 15m in length, or a secondary pool within site. Smaller and generally shallower than Main pool, and traditionally rectangular in shape. May have stepped/shallow area for infant use.
Leisure Pool Indoor only. A pool which has a freeform, curved shape on the majority of its sides. These pools are primarily designed for informal recreational swimming and may include flumes, slides, beach areas, water jets, wave machines. Some leisure pools may have been designed to allow lane swimming within a specific area of the pool. These pools are classified as 'leisure' where the majority of its sides are freeform.
Lido Public open-air pool.
Main-General Indoor only. Principle pool(s) within site. Minimum length is 15m. Pool must be traditional rectangular tank. Where a main pool has had flumes/slides fitted, provided the pool is rectangular in shape, it is classified as a 'Main/General' pool.
Synthetic Turf Pitch Synthetic alternative to grass, providing an all weather surface for pitch sports, in particular, hockey and football. Pitches must be a minimum of 75m x 45m. Does not include other non turf surfaces, such as tarmac, concrete, Redgra (natural aggregate dressing).
Rubber Crumb (3G) 50mm - 65mm long pile carpet filled with rubber crumb/sand. Generically named 'Third Generation' pitches. Used predominantly for football, but can be used for other sports such as rugby.
Sand Based 20-25mm tufted carpet covered filled with graded sand laid over a rubber shock pad and engineering base. Most common surface for STP's, used in particular for hockey & football, but can be used by other activities, such as American Football, Lacrosse, and training for Rugby and Athletics.
Water Based Similar pile to sand based, very dense synthetic sports surfaces that are irrigated with water. Combined with some form of underlay/shock-pad, sometimes integral. The carpets or the pad are typically designed to hold up the water flow at a specific rate. This is the preferred surface for Hockey and is used for first class games.
Tennis Court Marked out for tennis only, there should be at least one full size court with safety margins and be fenced. May be floodlit.